Hello, I'm Corinne Marasco

I'm a writer and editor.

I'm a content manager.

I'm a researcher.

I can help you find the sweater inside the wadded-up ball of yarn you call an idea.


What I really want to tell you about me is…

I collaborate with entrepreneurs, consultants, and nonprofit organizations by

  • providing advice and counsel to uncover the answers that they can't always see for themselves;
  • offering feedback and actionable advice to help things progress;
  • writing and editing articles and reports;
  • creating publications using InDesign;
  • conducting background research for an idea;
  • brainstorming and synthesizing information; and
  • working with them to find the best path that keeps them and their work moving forward.

when we work together

I dive beneath the surface of “the quick fix mentality” to guide a project.

I like to anticipate any obstacles and work out alternatives to manage risk.

I like to look for connections to help others see the big picture.

I look for fresh perspectives and ideas to keep things interesting.

I'm a patient and active listener.

The major points

Drawing on more than 20 years working in the nonprofit sector, my expertise includes

  • Author/editor of two books and numerous publications
  • Editorial director of a career-related web site
  • Contributed articles to specialty publications
  • Wrote 32 letters of inquiry and grant proposals totaling $1.14 million for a community service organization
  • Researched and identified potential funding opportunities
  • Performed in-depth research of potential major donors
  • Acquired a working knowledge of basic HTML, SquareSpace, InDesign, WordPress, Twitter, Feedly, IFTTT, Slack, and Ryver.


What else?…

I was born and raised in Massachusetts. We call soda tonic, traffic circles are rotaries, there is a sandwich called the Fluffernutter, and wicked is an adverb.

I love to cook and enjoy the taste of fine chocolate. I've even won a couple of prizes for my chocolate desserts.

I enjoy reading mysteries and biographies. I also think P.G. Wodehouse wrote some of the finest –and funniest– English prose.

I currently live in Northern Virginia, and am delighted that the Internet can connect me with people and mysteries to solve all across the world. Who knows – will yours be next?


If you're interested and want to dive deeper, let's connect!


I don't have to be the creative genius who comes up with the big idea--that's your job. I'm the person who works behind the scenes to help you succeed.