St. Paul's

So it's been a while...

I had intended to post regularly on some sort of schedule but good intentions pave many roads, and some of them are detours. I've had a few detours in recent months.

I agreed to serve as the official parish archivist for St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Alexandria. St. Paul's has had one archivist that I know of and since she passed away, the opening was unfilled. I don't think it's been an official position, however there's been a push to curate, catalogue, and preserve the artifacts that St. Paul's has. It's a pretty cool job for someone like me who has a deeply vested interest in culture and history, and likes to disseminate that curiosity and knowledge to a wider audience.

Up till now, archiving has been the work of an ad hoc group working whenever we can. Now, it's more formalized with a specific committee that will establish a collections management policy and figure out the best way to preserve a very rich history.