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looking back at a year of growth and change (virginia theological seminary journal, summer 2014)

This profile featured new faculty after their first year on campus.

provisional bishops in the episcopal church (virginia theological seminary journal, 2013)

Bishops Provisional serve as the bishop of a particular diocese during a vacancy. This article looked at the mix of skills and experience required in The Episcopal Church today.

Fueling An Analytical Chemistry Career (C&EN, Mar. 9, 2009)

How the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 opened opportunities for analytical chemists with good biology and biochemistry skills, and the ingenuity to apply them in unusual ways.

an appetite for science (C&EN, Jul. 28, 2008)

For Food Network host Alton Brown, science plays more than a cameo role.

sugar-coated science (C&EN, jul. 28, 2008)

Cooking and comedy combine for some sweet results.


Using PowerPoint To Your Advantage (C&EN, Mar. 31, 2008)

How adopting a storytelling technique can improve a presentation's impact.

Negotiating An Academic Job Offer (C&EN, Jan. 21, 2008)

One package doesn't fit all, and a tailored deal benefits both parties.

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chemistry olympians: where are they now? (c&en, sept. 3, 2007)

This story was inspired by a reader's letter asking what happened to former members of the U.S. Chemistry Olympiad team after their experience.

biotech's perfect storm (C&EN, Apr. 30, 2007)

A review of the push for energy independence and the employment opportunities for chemists in biofuels.

overlooked opportunities in government (c&en, mar. 12, 2007)

Attention B.S. and M.S. chemists: Uncle Sam wants you! If you haven't heard that, you're not alone.


women faculty gain little ground (c&EN, Dec. 18, 2006)

The Faculty Scorecard is an annual feature that examines the representation of women among university chemistry faculty. 

what's that stuff? jell-o(C&EN, May 19, 2003)

The chemistry behind "America's Most Famous Dessert".

Graphic Design & Web Sites

VTS Strategic Plan cover.jpg

Digital advocacy (2017)

I'm the Project Coordinator, responsible for volunteer mobilization, content management, and public outreach for a series of online advocacy and community referral projects.

Virginia Theological Seminary Strategic Plan (2013)

I was commissioned to produce an updated Strategic Plan Book using InDesign. The project required a quick turnaround in order to meet an accreditation deadline.


We Believe (2013)

I designed this brochure also using InDesign incorporating text from an editorial written by the dean of the Seminary. The brochure's purpose was to generate interest in the Seminary and its publications.


St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Alexandria, VA (2012)

As interim director of communications, I handled the parish's social media accounts, and all daily and weekly communications. I produced five weekly bulletins and The Epistle magazine, a quarterly publication, using InDesign. 

JobSpectrum.png (2000-2002)

I was the Content Manager in charge of developing and implementing an editorial plan and budget. I wrote copy around all site functionalities and managed the site’s copyright and linking policies in cooperation with the in-house copyright office. The web site was integrated into Chemical & Engineering News. 

Grant Writing & Research

digital imaging church records (2017)

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Alexandria, Va., was founded in 1803. Subsequently, there is more than 200 years' worth of birth, marriage, and death records filed in card catalog drawers and in large ledgers. My task was to research if there were any grants available for digitizing the church records. 

Ministry Resident Program (2012-2013)

I was retained to research grant funding opportunities for MRP, a program that was coordinated by a consortium of six parishes and Virginia Theological Seminary. It was designed as an extended externship from the residents' final year of seminary through their first year of ordained ministry. Initial funding for the program came from the Lilly Endowment, Inc., parishes, the Seminary, dioceses, and individual donors. Operation and funding of the program was transferred to VTS.

N Street Village (2011-2012)

The largest program for homeless women in Washington, DC, N Street Village offers a self-contained continuum of care through housing and supportive service programs. I researched and identified private funding opportunities, produced letters of inquiry and proposals, and managed the grant development process to cultivate funding to sustain and expand the program and administrative needs. In total, I wrote 32 letters of inquiry and grant proposals that totaled $1.14 million.



Wilmer Silhouette.jpg
careers for chemists cover.png

Rev. dr. william holland wilmer biograpy

William Holland Wilmer was the second rector (1812-1826) of St. Paul's Church, Alexandria, Va., who became a distinguished leader of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. Dr. Wilmer's contributions were vital at a time when the future of the Episcopal Church was in doubt in the years following the American Revolution. I am the historical researcher for a biography of this great church leader who died relatively young and whose legacy has been largely unrecognized.


Following the success of "Career Transitions for Chemists," I co-edited this book, which examined 20 non-laboratory careers that are open to chemists at all degree levels.  

career transitions for chemists (1995)

I was the editor of this pioneering guide for chemists who were contemplating a career change or to working in laboratory and non-laboratory settings.