What People Are Saying

“Corinne was amazing, coaxing my words into order to say what I really wanted to say, in a way that flowed and resonated with my audience. Thank you, you’re a legend!
Bronwyn Martin, Founder, The Moxie Entrepreneur
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Marie Lamb, Partner, Dog Tale Media

“Corinne took an idea I had buzzing in my brain, and turned it into a detailed document outlining all the issues and needs and gave me a clear path on which to proceed. What I gave her was a vague "elevator" pitch, and what she gave me back was even more than I expected. I now have to the perfect blueprint that will allow me to take action and turn my idea into a real plan. Her attention to detail and her ability to immediately grasp the core concepts and first steps are wonderfully honed tools that you will be grateful to have when you team up with her."

Mary L. Funke, Retired President, Institute of Notre Dame 

“Corinne and I worked together at the American Chemical Society and N Street Village. Corinne has keen research, writing, organization, and analytical abilities. She mets deadlines on time and within budget. Strong team member. Strong technology and social networking background. Recommend her highly!” 

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Joseph Backus, Partner, OptimumRESPONSE

“When I had an urgent and significant project I turned to Corinne for professional assistance and am glad I did. Her collaborative approach was supportive and engaging as she led me through the creative process. She immersed herself in research, which enabled her to contribute to both the content and composition of the message specifically targeted to my audience and purpose. I strongly recommend Corinne to anyone that wants ensure that their communications are successful.”

Bill Carroll, Principal, Carroll Applied Sciences LLC

"Corinne has the important responsibility (among other things) of annually reporting on the job market for chemists in Chemical and Engineering News. While something of a forecast, it needs to be accurate and credible because students considering chemistry may base their career choices on it. Corinne does a great job of collecting information from disparate sources and reducing that information to an extremely usable summary. And she's a great writer, too."

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David Harwell, Assistant Director, Talent Pool at American Geophysical Union

Corinne is a thoughtful, incisive and thorough writer and project manager. I have worked with her many times on stories related to careers in chemistry. I have known her for many years. She is driven to produce high-quality products in accord with established deadlines. She also has an excellent attitude and is a wonderful co-worker. I recommend her and her work highly.

Lisa Balbes, Balbes Consultants LLC

I have worked with Corinne for over 8 years, on numerous projects. Her attention to detail and memory recall are amazing. She is friendly and personable, and always willing to share her expertise. Corrine is an excellent resource and author, and truly a pleasure to work with.